Special Emphasis Troops

DPS Headquarters
3600 N. MLK Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73136
(405) 425-2424

Troop MC
3600 N. MLK Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Troop O-Aircraft
2320 Newton Drive
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 425-2335

Troop R-Capitol Patrol
P.O. Box 53363
Oklahoma City, OK 73152
(405) 521-6040

Troop S-Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
200 NE 38th Terrace
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-6060

Troop SO-Special Ops
3600 N. MLK Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73136
(405) 425-2473

Troop T-Training
R. Lester Training Center
Oklahoma City, OK 73136
(405) 425-2410

Troop W-Lake Patrol
220 NE 38th Terr
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 522-1880

Troop Z-Investigations
3600 N. MLK Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73136
(405) 425-2137

Troop XA-Will Rogers
(918) 256-7476

Troop XB-Muskogee
(918) 683-1782

Troop XC-Indian Nation
(918) 548-3799

Troop XD-Cherokee
(918) 868-2372

Troop XE-Creek
(918) 355-9069

Troop YA-Cimarron
(405) 425-3683

Troop YB-Turner
(918) 968-3000

Troop YC-H.E. Bailey
(405) 222-3165

Troop YE-J. Kilpatrick
(918) 968-3000

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Our Mission Statement

Working to provide a safe, secure environment for the public through courteous, quality and professional services.

Troop Divisions

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Field Troops A-M
Troop O

The majority of the members are assigned to the thirteen field Troops, A through M and the turnpike Troops, X and Y. These field troopers are responsible for patrolling Oklahoma's 111,994 miles of city, county, and state maintained roads and highways. Field troopers are first responders to emergency situations from traffic collisions to natural disasters and civil disorders. Troopers provide everyday service to the public, whether it be a motorist assist or promoting Oklahoma to a visitor in the state. Troopers are prepared and willing to assist any law enforcement agency when asked and perceptive to take the initiative to offer assistance when needed. (Select a map region above for the address and phone number of the field troops.)

Troop O: Aircraft
Troop O

Personnel in this section provide airborne assistance to OHP ground units in traffic enforcement, manhunt and search and rescue operations. This division also provides state administrative personnel with transportation. The department currently operates a fleet of 9 fixed-wing aircraft and 2 helicopters.

Troop SO: Special Operations
  • Auto Theft: The Auto Theft division provides expertise in the all types of vehicle and equipment identification while aggressively investigating crimes involving vehicle theft and fraud.
  • Criminal Interdiction: Criminal Interdiction consists of Troopers with special training and equipment to enable them to detect and arrest criminals of all types as they travel on the highways of Oklahoma. This group of Troopers are also trained as Canine Handlers.
  • Evidence: Evidence is responsible for receiving and tracking all evidence and contraband that is seized by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.
  • Asset Forfeiture: Asset Forfeiture tracks all arrests, both in state and federal courts, where the Oklahoma Highway Patrol may be involved in seizure of property.

Troop R: Capitol Patrol

The Capitol Patrol Section is responsible for law enforcement, police services, safety and protection of the State Capitol Complex in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The Troop has the primary responsibility to provide for the safety and security of all three branches of Oklahoma State government and, in addition, is also the primary law enforcement agency for over 70 state facilities and thousands of citizens, visitors, elected officials, and employees each day.

Troop S: Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement

More commonly known as Size and Weights, is mainly concerned with Commercial Motor Vehicle enforcement. By employing innovative and effective enforcement strategies based upon statistical data, the troopers of Troop S pursue public safety through the reduction of commercial vehicle crashes.

Troop T: Training

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Training Division is responsible for the entry-level and continuing education of all department employees. The Training Division is comprised of four detachments including Technical Skills, Academy Development, Defensive Tactics, and Legal Research. In addition to these detachments, the training division oversees the day to day management of the Oklahoma Police Corps, and the Statewide D.A.R.E. program.

The primary function of the OHP Training Division is to plan, organize, and conduct the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy as well as continuing education programs for all Department employees. The training division is located on the Department of Public Safety grounds in the Robert R. Lester Training Center. The training center houses classrooms, a dormitory, cafeteria facilities, a computer lab, and a physical fitness center sufficient to conduct both an OHP Academy and on-going training concurrently. The facility is also home to the Department’s Command Center.

Troop W: Lake Patrol

The marine law enforcement branch of the department provides service to 38 state lakes and recreation areas consisting of 4,385 miles of shoreline and 490,215 surface acres of water. In addition to regular water patrol duties, troopers are called upon to conduct search and rescue missions, investigate boating accidents and drowning incidents and assist state and local authorities in natural disaster situations where their expertise is needed.

Troop Z: Investigations Division
Troop Z Coin

Troop Z is the Criminal Investigations Division of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. They are tasked with conducting major criminal investigations within the scope of Oklahoma State Statutes. These investigations include trooper involved shootings and incidents, fugitive apprehensions, identity and driver license fraud, polygraph examinations, speed-trap investigations, threat assessments, auto theft and all felony crimes that are committed on Oklahoma's Turnpike Systems.

Dive Team

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Dive Team consist of a team made up of troopers & supervisors from throughout the state. Their primary purpose is to provide a recovery team at any location in the state of Oklahoma for the recovery of victims, vehicles, and/or evidence from drownings, vehicle or boating accidents, natural disasters, and the investigation of any criminal act involving the waters of the state. The Dive Team also responds to request for public relations such as displays, festivities, public education, etc.

Troop ES: Executive Security

The Executive Security Division carries out the Department's statutory mandate to provide protection, security services, and transportation, for the Governor and their immediate family and the Lieutenant Governor.

Troop MC: Motorcycles
Troop O

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reintroduced Motorcycles in January 1999 after phasing them out in the early 1940's.

Today the Patrol operates a fleet of mostly BMW RT-1200 Police Motorcycles.

OHP entered an agreement with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in 2011 where they recieved a grant to promote Motorcycle Safety Education thus having a reduction of accidents state wide. The Motorcycle Division offers free classes to the public statewide. Along with formal training the Division also provides escorts for special events such as Presidential visits along with duties assigned by the Chiefs office. Troop MC is also a Specialized Traffic Enforcement Division with Troopers currently stationed in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

OHPSaferiders Website

Bomb Squad
Troop O

The Bomb Squad, consisting of bomb techs and K9s, is responsible for 75 counties (excluding Oklahoma and Tulsa). Bomb techs respond to all bomb calls and are Haz-Mat trained to handle chemical events. They also instruct CLEET and local Fire and Police in explosive and hazardous materials awareness.

Tactical Team

The OHP Tactical Team has been in existence since 1978. The Tactical Team responds to manhunts, search & rescue operations, high risk warrants, hostage/barricaded subjects and any other duties required by the Chief's Office. Tactical Team troopers are dispersed geographically throughout the state enabling the team to respond to most situations within a short period of time.