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Our Mission Statement

Working to provide a safe, secure environment for the public through courteous, quality and professional services.

Troop Z: Investigations Division

Our Responsibilities

  • Investigate Trooper involved shootings and incidents
  • Fugitive apprehensions
  • Identity and Driver license fraud
  • Polygraph examinations
  • Speed-trap investigations
  • Threat assessments
  • Auto theft and all felony crimes that are committed on Oklahoma's Turnpike System

Our Troop Coin

On one side the inner ring features the Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma, which is also the inner ring of the badge worn by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The seal features symbols of the history of Oklahoma. The figures and wreath, in the center of the central star, are from the Great Seal of the Territory of Oklahoma. In the five rays of the large center star are the official seals of the five civilized Indian Nations that inhabited most of the area which is now eastern Oklahoma. The top ray is the seal of the Chickasaw Nation. Troop Z Coin The upper left-hand ray is the seal of the Cherokee Nation. The upper right-hand ray is the seal of the Choctaw Nation. The lower left-hand ray is the seal of the Creek Nation. The lower right-hand ray is the seal of the Seminole Nation. The forty-five small stars are symbols of the states which comprised the Union at the time Oklahoma became a state in 1907. The second ring features three of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s core values. The outer ring features the Oklahoma Highway Patrols year of inception and the shoulder patch worn by every trooper.

On the opposite side of the coin, the inner ring features a sixteen point vector compass rose. Troop Z Coin The second ring features our division’s name and troop designator “Z.” The outer ring features the scales of justice and a motto adopted by our division. This motto is a modified version of a biblical verse from Proverbs 28:1. The meaning of this side is regardless of the direction a criminal flees or tries to hide, we will find them and bring them to justice. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Investigations Division: Troop Z challenge coin was created by members of the division in 2012.

Our Mission

We, the members of Troop Z, believe the protection of property and life, the capture and prosecution of criminal suspects, and compassion for victims are revealed in a vigorous pursuit of justice through investigation.

Our Story

We are the Criminal Investigations Division of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and are tasked with conducting major criminal investigations within the scope of Oklahoma State Statutes. These investigations include trooper involved shootings and incidents, fugitive apprehensions, identity and driver license fraud, polygraph examinations, speed-trap investigations, threat assessments, auto theft and all felony crimes that are committed on Oklahoma’s Turnpike Systems.

Our principal purpose “To create and maintain a culture where highly skilled investigators execute thorough investigations in a timely, detailed and efficient manner” outlines the way that we operate.

Our investigative capabilities include interview and interrogation, criminal intelligence gathering, crime scene reconstructions, shooting scene reconstructions, evidence identification, collection and preservation as well as many other technical and forensic skills.

We also employ off leash track dog packs for use in manhunt operations throughout the state. These packs will usually consist of four to six dogs and two to three troopers/dog handlers/riders, that utilize mules to follow the tracking dogs and ultimately bring the fugitive to justice. This unique method of fugitive apprehension was incorporated by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol in 2004. This method was adopted from the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, which started utilizing this for fugitive apprehension over one hundred years ago.